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Professional multimedia speaker 40mm 4 ohm 5 watt 1.5 inch speaker best full range speaker high quality design with pcba drive units...

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    Product specifications


    1. Product model: ZEH-AU-40-02

    2. Related product model: 18mm,20mm,23mm,26mm,27mm,28mm, 31mm,32mm, 33mm 34mm 36mm 40mm 42mm 45mm,48mm,50mm,52mm,53mm, 57mm,58mm,66mm,77mm,78mm and etc....for more dimensions selection, please contact us.

    3. Product impedance:  4Ω±15% 6Ω±15% 8Ω±15%

    4. Product Power: 1w~6w

    5. Frequency Range: FO:20~20KHZ

    6. Resonant Range: 290HZ±20%

    7. Sound pressure level: 95±3dB

    8. Distortion: <5%THD

    9. Drop: Height:1.5m~2.5m

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